Clark Janell Davis
Miss Kentucky 2015
and so much more!

Clark J. Davis, a native of Kentucky, currently attends the University of Kentucky where she is studying vocal performances and political science.  During her early school years, Clark attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, KY, as a drama major from 4th - 8th grade.  She graduated at an early age in 2014 from Lafayette High School, and will continue this tradition by graduating from college this coming May.

Born in 1997, Clark did not grow up in the pageant world.  She will be sharing her story of how she not only became a beauty pageant titleholder when she was crowned Miss Kentucky 2015, but how she became the
"BEST ME I CAN BE" and what that means to her.  
Clark chose the platform of Dyslexia Awareness during her pageant and has become a wonderful advocate who speaks passionately to children in schools all over Kentucky.  She is also not shy to let people know she is a devout Christian and that she knows God has big plans for her life.  She will share her stories of knowing something was different about her and how that made her feel, but more importantly, what SHE decided to do about it.
When looking at this poised, mature, beautiful young woman, you might think how can she possible relate or connect to my struggling child?  While many families feel like no one understands the difficult struggles they have or are having trying to navigate through schools who do not understand dyslexia, Clark and her mom know it all too well.

Clark was diagnosed with dyslexia in third grade.  She knew she was falling behind her classmates in reading, writing and of course spelling.  She shares how mentally exhausting it was every time she had to read and how her entire body would feel so tired.  She was able to begin receiving Special Education Services and shares what that was like in a small classroom by herself most of the time.  Years later they suddenly placed her back in the mainstream classroom, unprepared because her IQ was too high to receive services she still felt she needed.  They did not provide extra time, or shorter assignments.  When others would raise their hands and say homework took them 30 minutes, she put her hand down, dropped her head in shame and felt "stupid" because it took her over 3 hours.

Clark cares about your children, and how they are feeling right now.  She is passionate about standing up for them and being their voice.  But mostly, she wants to encourage them to see themselves as worthy, and capable of being the