1. Is this a CONFERENCE where you sit and listen to speakers for 3 days?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  This is a fun family way to gain strength and encouragement for having the dyslexic, dysgraphic, adhd, etc. learning style in a world that does not understand it all that well.  We have two mornings of speakers sharing their stories while we eat a breakfast buffet at privately reserved dining locations.  That is as "formal" as it gets!  Then, we have options for families to join in, or do things on their own.  There will be scavenger hunts, experiences in the parks, meetings on Friday around the outside of Disney World so no ticket needed unless you want one.  That way each family gets to build their experience on their needs.  Do more with the group and build friendships that will last a lifetime . . . do more as a family and strengthen the bonds that can take a lot of stress during the school seasons.  
2. Do we NEED park tickets?
No one is required to buy park tickets, HOWEVER, there are two days that we will be playing in the parks if you want to join us.  There is a lot to do around Disney World that is not in the parks, but I would recommend tickets if you can make it work.  IF you cannot, the experience can still be fun.  The resorts have recreation activities all day, including movies under the stars, pool side games like trivia and bingo.  Just riding around on Disney's transportation systems to all the different resorts is amazing.  You can go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and look out on the savannah and see the giraffes!

Thursday, we will be in Epcot having fun with some secret missions around the world, and exploring space at the Advanced Training Lab.

Saturday, we will be celebrating life, each other, and dyslexia after hearing Scott Sonnon speak in the morning by going to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day.  This is a great way to spend time with a new family you met and let your kids ride rides together and make memories.  We hope everyone will wear their new t-shirts so we can bring awareness to dyslexia as a group as we wander around the Kingdom.  At night, we will be signing shirts while waiting for the fireworks, or exchanging numbers or addresses.  It is a way to build your community of support and inspiration.  
3. Do we HAVE to stay at Pop Century Resort?
No, you do not have to stay at Pop Century Resort.  This is the "Event" resort and so far, all families have booked here, but that will not be the case by the end of registration as the rooms will fill up.  Another good choice if you have a larger family over 4, is the Art of Animation as it is walking distance to the meetings on Friday, as well as hanging around the pool with other families.  From our last event, we found families had the most amazing time just sharing with each other while the kids were playing at the pool together in the afternoon and evenings.  The topics of discussion created instant bonds of understanding and instead of just complaining about how difficult a journey may be, it was more about hearing what WORKS for another child or family and sharing the good ideas.  The community feeling is a comfort.
4. Do I need to REGISTER my entire family?
No, IF they will not be participating in the activities.

YES, if you want them to come to the breakfasts as a family, participate in the scavenger hunts, have the group t-shirt, do group meetings, penny challenge, etc.  

It is completely up to your family.  One of our goals is to not have the dyslexic child feel isolated from the rest of the family.  It was amazing at our first gathering, most could not tell which children were dyslexic and which were not until they opened up and began sharing themselves with us.  The kids who were not dyslexic, began to see that you really can't tell the difference, and saw their own siblings through a different lense.  Within the home environment, it can seem like a sibling gets lots of attention, or they "can't" do certain things, and even a brother or sister can begin to think you are getting "special" treatment.  They do not live the dyslexia journey the same as someone who learns that way.  We will have a group on Friday called "Siblings of a Dyslexic" to give them a chance to talk as well.  

5. Do I need to REGISTER before showing up at Disney World?
YES!!!  This is very important.  You will need to be registered to participate beginning with the very first check-in at breakfast.  Our group will be given a special wristband that identifies you are with us.  YOUR NAMES will be on a check-in list as well.  

The two breakfast buffets are included in your cost of registration.  We have to give the numbers to the restaurants a month in advance, so PLEASE, register ASAP so we do not have to turn anyone away!